Monday, September 26, 2022

Woman Stabs a Man at Sunset Station in Retaliation for Iranian General’s Death

A woman allegedly stabbed her date while at the Sunset Station Hotel and Casino located just off the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada. The attack was reportedly in retaliation for the killing of Qasem Soleimani, an Iranian General that was eliminated by US military drone strikes in 2020.

The suspect, Nika Nikoubin, 21, is now under custody. Reportedly, the young lady is facing multiple charges which may result in a lengthy prison sentence.

Man Stabbed While on a Date

Last week, an arrest report from the Henderson Police Department, released by Las Vegas Review-Journal reveals that the incident occurred on Saturday, March 5, 2022. Back then, Nikoubin was on a date with a man which she met via a dating site online.

They shared a room on the 14th floor of the Sunset Station Hotel and Casino. According to the arrest report, Nikoubin was intimate with the man when she put a blindfold on him. After that, she allegedly took a knife from her purse and stabbed the man in the neck. The man was able to push Nikoubin away and flee. He then called 911 to report the incident. It is yet to be confirmed what the current physical condition of the man is. For the moment there are no details released regarding his identity.

Good Girl Gone Bad

The suspect, Nikoubin, had also left the room after the incident. When questioned by the police, the lady stated that “she wanted revenge.” The police report describes Nikoubin stated that “there are injustices.” In particular, she pointed out the killing of the Iranian General Soleimani. A song called “Gravedigger” by Dave Matthews reportedly “gave her the motivation” to “carry out her revenge,” according to police reports.

General Soleimani used to be a leader of the Quds Force in Iraq. He was assassinated at Baghdad International Airport via a drone strike by the US Air Force back in January 2020. It is currently unclear what relates Nikoubin to Iraq and why she wanted to “revenge” the death of the general.

The 21-year old woman is a student at UCLA, according to her Facebook profile. Former cheerleader, Nikoubin has worked at Texas Tech University back in 2019. She was also formerly employed by the Cycle Bar in Berkley, California for one year.

Following the alleged assault, according to KLAS, Nikoubin is facing multiple charges. Those charges include burglary, attempted murder and battery with a deadly weapon. She is expected to appear in court later this month. Currently, Nikoubin remains in custody. Her bail is set at $60,000.

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