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Two Women Arrested for Stealing From Vegas Gambler

Two female crooks had an interesting plan of hiding the money and personal items they stole from a gambler at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. According to police, they allegedly hid items and the cash in their genitals. However, it may have slowed them down since they were caught.

Vegas Criminals Use Their Bodies for Crime

Staycee Johnson and Nikki Grandel are each facing a grand larceny charge after being arrested on January 2. According to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, the pair of would-be criminals met their victim on the Caesars Palace casino floor. The arrest report stated that the three decided to take a trip to the victim’s room in his hotel room.

While the victim took a shower, the thieves tried to make off with $6,500 in cash and a Rolex that he left inside a duffle bag. He quickly uncovered the crime and called for assistance. The report stated that police conducted a body search on Johnson and discovered the money “bulging” in her pants.

Johnson initially claimed that she had put the money in her vagina. However, it had since fallen out. Grandel said she didn’t take any items from the room. However, officers performed an X-ray of Grandel after she was booked into Clark County Detention Center. They found a Rolex watch in her vagina. Court records indicate that both women were released on bail and will appear in court on February 1.

Vegas Attracts All Kinds of People

This was just the latest in the criminal saga that plays out in Vegas regularly. Las Vegas police believe that two recent attempted robberies, each involving a fatal shooting, were related. Two suspects have been taken into custody following the incidents at the end of last year.

Police said that the robberies took place on December 30, several hours apart, in parking lots at the Fashion Show Mall and the Palace Station casino.

According to police Lieutenant Valenta, the incident involved a fight with a robber in which a woman was shot and killed as she and her husband got out from a car. The husband of the woman was not hurt.

Valenta stated that the victim of the casino shooting was a man in his 50s.

Detectives from the Homicide Unit investigating the fatal shootings found that two suspects had entered the garages with the intention of committing a robbery. According to a police statement, the suspects shot the victims while they were stealing property.

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