Sunday, October 2, 2022

TheLotter warns Texans about scam emails

TheLotter has issued a warning about fraudulent emails that use well-known business names to illicitly acquire personal information, including bank details.

The online lottery ticket service said it has been made aware of scam or ‘phishing’ emails that are being sent to random people by fake companies operating under the guise of legitimate businesses.

These shady outfits use recognised brand names as a ploy, encouraging recipients to divulge their personal details.

For example, an email may state that a person has won a prize, such as a Texas Lottery jackpot, and instruct them to enter their bank details in order to collect their winnings.

Peggy Daniel, TheLotter’s US Managing Director, attempted to reassure customers, and said scams like this can damage a legitimate company’s reputation.

“Of course, many customers embrace online lottery play because of its convenience, but at the end of the day, customers’ continued loyalty depends on whether they feel a service is safe,” Daniel said.

She added: “We are concerned about the potential harm these emails may cause to people and the bad light they cast on companies like ours, which invest heavily in security.

“That is why we actively inform our customers about these schemes to create awareness in case someone they know falls prey.

“We advise Texans to always check the sender’s email address and not just the display name.”

She went on to state that TheLotter never asks customers to send personal or credit details via email.

The company urged people to follow the advice of the Texas Lottery Commission, and report scams to the authorities, such as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and State Attorney.

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