Monday, September 26, 2022

RLCSX EU top six teams secure their spots for the Championships

The RLCSX EU top six have claimed their spots to qualify for the Championships this June. The world championships were canceled ahead of the third Spring Regional and the top six will instead play in its substitute online event.

With Team BDS and Team Vitality already qualified, a handful of teams battled for the final four Championship spots. Top Blokes, Guild Esports, Team Queso and Solary join the top-two.

The biggest absentees are former-favorites Dignitas and Vodafone Giants. They ended up with too many disappointing results throughout the season in squeeze into a spot for the Championships. Team Liquid carried high expectations, but fell short of the top-six earlier in the season.

RLCSX EU Spring Major

Before the RLCSX Championships go down, however, the Spring Major is still coming up. The top-nine of the Spring Split teams made it to this major, as well as one wildcard spot for the team that won The Grid. In this case, Team BDS won The Grid, so runners-up and underdogs German Amigos made it into the Spring Major. Joining the RLCSX top six and German Amigos are Aether and BS+Competition. Both of these teams started after members decided to go on their own after benchings on previous teams. They aim to prove they still have what it takes to keep up with the top tiers of Rocket League.

North America up next

While the European teams are either done or prepare for season’s conclusion, North America is getting ready for their final regional event. On Thursday, April 22, the RLCSX NA Spring Regional 3 begins. There nine teams will battle for the final two top-six spots. The three teams with the biggest chance are, of course, FaZe Clan, G2 Esports and Kansas City Pioneers. They currently sit in fifth, sixth and seventh place respectively.

The RLCSX conclusion is edging ever closer and teams cannot afford another slip-up.

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