Saturday, October 1, 2022

Police Have Arrested Two Men After Two Fatal Shootings in Las Vegas

Several shootings have resulted in two Las Vegas Strip visitors passing away. Thankfully, two suspects have been arrested by the local police.

Several Las Vegas Shootings on New Year’s Eve

The first victim was an elderly woman, aged 66, according to the reports. She was visiting Las Vegas as a tourist.

The unfortunate happening occurred last Friday, at 1:30 pm when the woman and her husband were parking in the Fashion Show Mall parking lot. As the couple parked their car, a robber showed up and tried to forcefully take away the woman’s purse. When she resisted, the ill-intended man pulled out a gun and shot her in the chest.

According to KLAS, a local TV channel, the woman later passed away in the University Medical Center. The woman’s husband is reported to be unscathed by the incident. 

Furthermore, at around 3 pm, another shooting, this time at the Meadows Mall’s bowling alley and arcade resulted in two people suffering wounds. The two were rushed into the hospital. Their conditions haven’t been made public.

Another incident followed later that same day when at around 5:13 pm when a robber shot at a Palace Station Casino employee in the venue’s parking lot. The shot missed and the police are currently investigating the incident. 

Later on, that same spot a second armed robbery ended in another person’s death. This time it was a man in his fifties who got shot. Sadly, he perished on his way to the hospital.

The identities of the two people who passed away are yet to be released.

Two People Were Arrested

The police eventually caught two men who are suspected of being responsible for the two fatal shootings. The two of them, Jordan Ruby, 18, and Jesani Carter, 20, spent the weekend behind bars with no bail. The police suspect that the men might be also related to other incidents prior to the latest ones mainly because most of the Las Vegas Strip crimes come from crime gangs or non-native robbers who take advantage of the wealthy casino visitors.

“Detectives are currently reviewing their connection to other events. These investigations are still ongoing and additional charges will be forthcoming,” the Metro police remarked.  Ruby and Carter’s trials begin on Tuesday.

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