Wednesday, October 5, 2022

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Gambling crime

Woman Steals $240K to Fuel Gambling Addiction, Found Guilty of Wire Fraud

A woman from Columbus, Georgia is facing years of imprisonment after pleading guilty to wire fraud last...
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IRGC Fines Companies Total of $150,000 for Credit Card Betting

The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission has issued three fines to various operators in the state. The Commission fined the operators in...

Queensland Ready to Decide The Star’s Fate

Queensland’s Attorney-General received the final report from the external commission investigating the multiple reported regulation violations at The Star Gold Coast casinos....

Spain: Change Proposes Declaration of Gambling Winnings below €300

A newly proposed change may affect the declaration of gambling winnings in Spain, a new report reveals.  Ministry of Finance Proposes Tax...

BetMGM Faces Lawsuit for Coercing а Client Not to Report Glitchy App

A new lawsuit against gaming giant BetMGM was filed in the New Jersey Superior Court. A New York man suffering from severe...

India Asks Media Companies to Stop Illegal Ads

Despite being illegal in India, online gambling is increasingly popular among locals. Some brands are so popular that they are being advertised...


AGA: industry well positioned despite macroeconomic uncertainty

The American Gaming Association has noted that strong growth over the past two years has positioned the industry well despite...

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