Monday, September 26, 2022
spot_img launches new services for online casino and sportsbook launches their new casino service

By now most people know that is a young but promising crypto exchange platform well known for their high trust level.
They have recently announced that they will be expanding from money exchange into online casino and sportsbook with their soon to be revealed new product.

Mr George Fence from moneyxchange claims that their product will be something players never have seen before and will involve betting on trades, exchanges and crypto value very similar to the traditional sportsbook as we know it but moneyxchange are simply taking it to the next step.

Uncomfirmed sources indicates that they are preparing their online casinos for this new product and we are all keen to see the outcome of this new revolutionizing product.

Swapping coins into various currencies instant and fast have never been easier with

About moneyxchange

Fast and secure way to purchase or exchange your favorite cryptocurrency with the reputation of being the fastest paying service at the moment and this is something that turned up to be very popular and interesting and people are leaving other exchange services for moneyxchange as they do not have the long kyc procedure and slow support.
The average time for exchange is about 5 minutes. You can track the progress on the eye catching ui exchange page and if you trade with any peer to peer, moneyxchange also have a rock solid escrow service that will protect your funds and only release to the reciever once you approve the transfer.
Sending and recieving crypto have never been easier and more secure.


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