Saturday, October 1, 2022

Malta Gaming Authority Cancels DGV Entertainment’s License

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), which is the gambling industry regulatory body in the region, announced it canceled DGV Entertainment Group Limited’s license.

Gambling Regulator in Malta Cancels DGV’s License

The enforcement action comes after the MGA uncovered multiple breaches of the rules by DGV Entertainment. Consequently, on August 4, 2022, the Authority gave notice and asked the operator to provide cause explaining why the MGA should not proceed with enforcement action. Now, the regulator revealed that after the 20-day period passed, the operator failed to make its submission. As a result, the Authority decided to cancel DVG Entertainment’s license.

Pursuant to the above, the Authority is hereby notifying the Authorized Person that the Authorization bearing the number “MGA/B2C/723/2019” (hereinafter the “Authorization”) shall be canceled in terms of the Regulations,

reads a statement released by the Malta Gaming Authority

The iGaming Watchdog Introduced Additional Measures

Besides canceling the operator’s license, the MGA enforced additional measures. It said that the operator would need to immediately suspend all gaming operations. DGV Entertainment must also stop registering new customers under the instructions of the Authority.

What’s more, the operator would need to pay €36,301.07 ($36,060) in outstanding fees to the MGA within five days from receiving the recent notice. Last but not least, the MGA urged the operator to remove “any reference to the Authority and the Authorization in accordance with article 51 of the Gaming Act” effective immediately.

The Operator Can Appeal the Decision

According to MGA’s recent announcement, the operator has the right to appeal the decision before the Administrative Review Tribunal within 20 days from the enforcement action. On the other hand, the Authority points out that DGV Entertainment must comply with the described actions no later than seven days from receiving the notice.

Without prejudice to the conditions that must be adhered to by the Authorized Person with immediate effect and any other deadline referred to above, the Authorized Person shall comply with the above-listed actions by not later than seven (7) days from the date of receipt of this letter,

added the gambling regulator

The recent action follows another enforcement introduced by the MGA only recently. Citing a failure to comply with regulations, the Authority suspended Field of Fortune’s license last week. The license suspension comes after the MGA urged the operator to pay required fees but the operator failed to do so.

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