Wednesday, September 28, 2022

KSA publishes study on duty of care in gambling across 21 countries

The Dutch Gambling Authority (KSA) has published a study about the implementation of the duty of care in preventing gambling addiction.

The study was conducted in 21 European countries, with the aim of gaining more insight into how the duty of care and playing limits are implemented in those markets.

A questionnaire with open questions was used, which gathered information about the formal duty of care and the legally enforced playing limits in the country concerned.

The questionnaire was sent to 60 gaming regulators of 28 European countries as a ‘cooperation request’ and out of the 28 countries, 21 responded.

The study presents detailed information about all licence holders from each country and the precise amount each platform allows players to spend per month.

However, the results show that some countries only have ‘various voluntary spending limits,’ others have ‘various mandatory limits’ ‘there are countries with no spending limits and only six countries have legally prescribed limits of exact amounts.

This study suggests that the Netherlands is not out of step with its laws and regulations regarding protecting its players against the unwanted effects of gambling.

The KSA has launched an invitation to all providers of online games of chance to take into consideration the results of the study and use them to their advantage to protect their customers.

This week, the KSA reported that more than 20,000 Dutch gamblers have used the Netherlands’ self-exclusion register since it launched last October.

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