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GLMS generated 1402 suspicious betting alerts in 2021

News Sports Betting 15 Feb 2022

GLMS generated 1402 suspicious betting alerts in 2021

By Gambling Insider

The Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS) has reported an increase in suspicious betting activity, generating 1,402 alerts in 2021, up 26%.

In what it called a “busy, pandemic-ridden year,” GLMS reported 116 matches to its partners, with football responsible for the majority of alerts.

Of the matches, 46 were reported to FIFA and 39 to UEFA, while the rest were reported to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Swiss Gambling Supervisory Authority (GESPA) and International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA).

All-in-all, roughly 75% — or 1,053 alerts — were generated before a match began, while 82 were generated based on in-play odds changes and 267 were triggered after the end of matches.

And broken down even further, 91 were red alerts, and 43 were generated pre-match or in-play. This classification indicates suspicious odds changes, member information, rumours of match fixing from a named source or Betfair volume/patterns.

There were 331 yellow alerts, indicating, among other things, unexplainable odds changes and tournament structure, while 747 were green alerts. GLMS attributed the remaining 233 alerts to other causes.

On a continent-by-continent basis, the lion’s share of alerts originated in Europe, which accounted for 716. Asia and South America came in second and third place, responsible for 301 alerts and 212 alerts respectively, while North America came in fourth and Africa fifth.

“Every single day there is a new incident of sport competition manipulation reported, this has been particularly true since the outbreak of the pandemic,” remarked Ludovico Calvi, GLMS President.

“The sport ecosystem has never been so vulnerable as today and this makes match fixing one of the greatest problems in modern sport.

“I strongly believe that we have been able to set very solid foundations to drive the success of our association in the titanic fight against match fixing and to protect sports integrity worldwide.”

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