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EveryMatrix CEO Company affected deeply by Ukraine situation but we re staying strong

News Online 4 Mar 2022

EveryMatrix CEO: Company affected deeply by Ukraine situation – but we’re staying strong

By Tim Poole

EveryMatrix Group CEO Ebbe Groes has told Gambling Insider the supplier is “staying strong” despite the emotional turmoil of the war in Ukraine, following invasion of the country by neighbouring Russia.

Groes says all of the company’s female staff members who wanted to leave Ukraine have now done so, as have the wives, daughters and sons of male staff.

And the organisation has also been able to utilise its office in nearby Romania, to transport staff and personnel from Ukraine.

Groes told Gambling Insider: “The Russian invasion of Ukraine affects EveryMatrix deeply since we have over 200 staff there. Production-wise, we’re doing fine, with servers hosted elsewhere and several other development offices worldwide. Emotionally, we’re not fine, but we are staying strong inside and outside Ukraine. All female staff who wanted to leave Ukraine with their families have done so by now – as have the wives, daughters and sons of our male staff.

“We’re luckier than most. We’re fortunate to have our main office in Lviv, a city far to the west, near Poland. And so far, Lviv is more or less free of attacks. We are also fortunate in having a large office in Romania, bordering Ukraine. This has allowed us logistically to cater easily to this exodus, having Romanian staff volunteering to organise safe transport for those who wished to go to Romania, pick up from border to hotels, and later rent apartments. So, we count our blessings and are very aware that many others are much less fortunate.”

Groes offered his thanks to clients and partners of EveryMatrix, especially for the understanding they have shown during this difficult time. The CEO additionally urged anyone wanting to help to donate to the many charities now aiding during this humanitarian crisis.

He continued: “Our clients have been very understanding and we are very grateful for that. Our staff has been absolutely wonderful and determined on both sides of the border – and really, I couldn’t be prouder of what I’ve seen! Our bank accounts are plentiful – allowing us to spend a bit extra on humanitarian efforts.

“If anyone wants to help, donate to the Red Cross, UNICEF, or other organisations that are now active in this space. Much is needed in Ukraine and there are so many ways one can contribute. At EveryMatrix, we’re good. Deeply concerned, on edge, but good and determined to see this through!”

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