Sunday, September 25, 2022

Entain looks to bolster global network performance with Syntropy

Entain will leverage Syntropy’s connectivity technology to link its data centres around the globe.

Syntropy’s Relay Network will be used to improve the overall performance and reliability of Entain’s network for its core offering, as well as future ventures into the metaverse.

This network, the company claims, runs on top of the public internet and is fully programmable. In Syntropy’s own words: “This global digital fabric creates a network of networks composed of the best-connected ISPs, clouds, data centres and devices.”

Entain’s decision to deploy Syntropy’s technology comes after the company conducted a technical proof of concept (POC), which reportedly revealed that the default internet path suffered from “substantial” lag.

Markus Röglsperger, Head of Network, Datacentre and Infrastructure Automation at Entain, said: “Instead of relying on internet service providers (ISPs) where Entain must give up control once a packet leaves the private network, Syntropy’s Relay Network continues to optimise Entain’s traffic while in transit all the way to the destination.

“This not only significantly reduces packet-loss and round-trip-times, but also saves a lot of time previously spent on troubleshooting issues between various service providers.”

This comes as Entain eyes Web3, a catch-all term for a decentralised online ecosystem based on blockchain technology, and an entry into the metaverse, which the company is exploring with its innovation hub, Ennovate.

“With many exciting Web3 and metaverse projects in the making, we have to face the fact that the current internet infrastructure and routing protocol was not designed for performance optimisation which is a fundamental requirement to make digitally immersive experiences a reality,” said Domas Povilauskas, Syntropy CEO.

He added: “Entain’s forward-looking networking team recognised the need for a Web3-ready connectivity system as they move into entertainment in the metaverse and NFTs.”

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