Friday, September 30, 2022

Danish market sees betting and igaming dwindle YoY in Q2

Q2 has seen another uptick in gross gaming revenue across Danish gambling as increases in machine and land-based revenue counteracts dwindling igaming and betting results. 

Revenue through April and June came in at DKK 1.689bn (£192.65m), a seven per cent year-on-year increase from DKK 1.572bn (£179.25m) in Q2 2021.

The majority of this revenue came from online gaming, generating DKK 708m (£80.73m). Although taking the lion’s share of GGR, this figure shows a one per cent YoY decrease from last year’s DKK 715m (£81.45m) with all three months showcasing declines.

Another year-on-year decline came through the Danish betting sector which came in at DKK 565m (£64.37m), a sizable 14.1 per cent decrease on last year’s Q2 figure of DKK 657m (£74.87m). Similarly to igaming, all three months dwindled in revenue. 

Saving the Danish industry from a year of negative GGR, game machines and land-based casino revenue saw significant growth in this quarter.

Electronic games machines, exhibited in restaurants and arcades, reported revenue of DKK 319m (£36.33m), an uptick of 95.4 per cent year-on-year from 2021’s DKK 163m (£18.56m). 

The majority of this uptake came from April, as a massive 1,555 per cent increase was seen with the month’s closed revenue at DKK 110m (£12.5m) compared to last year’s DKK 7m (£797,257). May and June saw revenue of DKK 108m (£12.3m) and DKK 100m (£11.4m) respectively. 

Elsewhere, land-based revenue came in at DKK 97m (£11.05m), a 163.4 per cent gain on the same period last year of DKK 37m (£4.2m).

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