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Continent 8 launches private internet for iGaming market

News Industry 3 May 2022

Continent 8 launches “private internet for iGaming market”

By Gambling Insider

Continent 8 Technologies has launched a new private internet named the Gaming Exchange. This will provide an exclusive community for iGaming businesses, aiming to allow them to connect faster and more securely than over the standard internet. This new system also means there is no need for additional configuration. 

The Gaming Exchange claims to offer low latency and high performance; it can be reachable at both a local and remote global level. Continent 8 believes this new system is not externally attackable and is fully protected by the company itself, mitigating the risk of members experiencing DDoS attacks.

In addition, users of the Gaming Exchange will have access to a Premium Portal, which is an analytical dashboard that displays traffic flow within as well as outside of Continent 8 to other gaming partners. 

Justin Cosnett, Continent 8 Chief Product Officer, said: “We know iGaming companies are constantly talking to each other over the internet. The Gaming Exchange is a gamechanger for the industry, an exclusive community for organisations to connect on a private, highly secure and ultra-fast network.

“As one of the most attacked industries, the level of security that we can provide via the Gaming Exchange offers a highly valuable solution for our customers. It is products such as the Gaming Exchange that help to further establish Continent 8 as the leading managed hosting, connectivity, cloud and security solutions provider to the global gambling industry.”

Earlier this month, Continent 8 launched its Public Cloud solution in Toronto, Ontario. This decision was made following customer demand within the province’s newly legalised online gambling market. 

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