Friday, December 9, 2022

Bill in Connecticut Calls to Ban Greyhound Racing

A new bill introduced in Connecticut proposes to ban greyhound racing in the state.

Bill 5174 Proposes to Prohibit Dog Racing in Connecticut

Currently, more than 40 US states have already banned greyhound racing. While so many states declared the activity as illegal, some still offer it. One of those states is Connecticut. But if a new bill gets traction in the state, dog racing may become illegal as early as this October.

Last week, State Representative Nicole Klarides-Ditria, a Republican, introduced Bill 5174, proposing the prohibition of greyhound racing in Connecticut. The bill was referred to the Committee on Public Safety and Security last week. Moreover, a public hearing is set for February 22.

The new bill, dubbed “An Act Prohibiting the Operation of Greyhound Racing in the State” effectively calls to prohibit dog racing. If the bill would receive the vote of the House, Senate and gets signed into law, it proposes to prohibit dog racing from October 1, 2022.

The Bill Puts an End to Dog Racing Licensing

Under the newly introduced bill, the Department of Consumer Protection would not issue licenses for greyhound racing to any person or company. This in other words means that no individuals would be authorized to conduct the activity, therefore it would become illegal.

The bill provisions an exception that is valid only for the operation of off-track betting. Those operators would be allowed to offer wagering on dog races if the races are conducted out of the state. Under Bill 5174, businesses or people that had a license to conduct dog racing must also establish a pet adoption program. The program aims to ensure the “proper housing and care of retired greyhounds.”

The Latest Proposal Marks Another Push to Ban Dog Racing

The recent bill is not the first legal effort to prohibit greyhound racing. Back in 2017, lawmakers introduced a similar bill, proposing to prohibit the activity. However, back then, the bill was passed by the Senate but did not make it through the voting of the House. With that in mind, if the recent bill advances, Connecticut may become the latest state to declare dog racing illegal.

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